Enough for a boy

A boy woke up in the morning
“to the fridge” his stomach was calling.
With what he had
he was content,
it had been a suitable portion.

The world however, sought more.

This boy had few possessions,
his PS4 an exception.
An hour long session would be quite sufficient,
he was not an indulgent person.
With moderate thrill, he felt fulfilled.

The world however, less so.

 Then the boy found himself feeling sociable
so he called up his friend,
on his Nokia 3310.
Just a day in the park was acceptable.

Their plans were never extensive,
as he didn’t care much for expenses.

The world however, differed.

The world was all consuming,
competing for this and the other.

The boy however,
didn’t bother.

Enough for a Boy.

A reflection on consumerism, through a boy who doesn’t care for it.
‘It had been a suitable portion’ considers over indulgence.